The Traders from Laetus Vale

The Caravan

How Weiss and Sir Died: The Beginning of a Legend

After reports of strange flaming pillars appearing in the skies over the Vale, a knight named Sir was dispatched on an investigative caravan along with Gauvillto, a mage, and Stets, a bard. Before leaving Greenwood, they came across a traveling journalist known as Weiss. Explaining that his main topic of study was the strange flaming occurrences in the east, Weiss eagerly volunteered to join the caravan. Sir was not on board with the idea, but Stets and Gauvillto were easily convinced. The unlikely party of escorts then set off into the wilderness.

That night, Gauvillto was on the first watch. He saw shadows flitting around the campfire and quickly alerted the party. 4 raiders circled around them, one heavily armored and armed with a huge greatsword, while the other three were lightly armed with hatchets. Sir immediately took a defensive position and readied his shield. The leftmost raider took his hatchet and tried to swing it, but it flew out of his grasp and flung into the middle raider, sticking into him bladefirst. The second raider, axe in his side, took up his own axe and tried swinging for Sir’s face. Sir took the hit without flinching. The rightmost raider swung at Stets with his hatchet but missed. Gauvillto waved his wand to summon a Firebolt, but he misfired and it hit the grass, lighting the area beneath the combatants on fire. Suddenly the armored raider began to chant, and summoned a vortex to Hell that completely incinerated Sir. Stets and Gauvillto backed off, but Weiss was paralyzed with fear. The armored raider ripped the caravan’s sheets off and brought his sword down on the journalist, cleaving him and the wagon in two simultaneously. The two remaining axe raiders began to circle Stets and Gauvillto. Stets successfully cast Vicious Mockery, and the armored raider was so angry that he rushed at Stets, completely ignoring Gauvillto. Stets is downed with a swing of the raider’s greatsword, but the forest magic rejuvenates the bard. Gauvillto missed many Firebolts. The unarmed raider (his axe was tossed) proceeded to pummel Gauvillto with fists, until Gauvillto struck back with an unknown ferocity and knocked the raiders into each other. Taking up Sir’s sword from his corpse, he executed the armored raider and ended the battle.

A couple of years have passed since then. Gauvillto and Stets returned to Greenwood the next day, bringing dark tidings to the town. A statue was erected in honor of Sir in front of the Escort Academy, and the Weiss School of Journalism was formed to teach reporters that wished to learn how to study under the fires of combat. Gauvillto and Stets graduated from the Escort Academy, and now reside within a small cottage on the school grounds. Even though the two adventurers survived, the town is now shrouded in fear. Weapons are being shipped all around the Vale in preparation for invasion.

Darkness looms over Laetus Vale.


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