The Traders from Laetus Vale

Gardmore Abbey
The Barlgura

Three years have passed since the death of Sir.

Joining the Priory, a dedicated wizard’s guild, Gauvillto and Stets undertook a training course as Priory operatives under the instruction of Archmage Faye. Making themselves at home under his wing, the two adventurers learned much of the world, discovering many new places and things in the great libraries of the Priory.

Summoned by the Archmage, Gauvillto and Stets were presented with the opportunity to bring Sir, their mentor, back to life. If they could capture the Star Diamond from the ruins of Gardmore Abbey, a temple of Pelor ransacked by an evil force long ago, they would have all of the components necessary to bring back Sir from the dead. After some deliberation, they decided that it was the right thing to do. Equipping themselves for the journey, Gauvillto, Stets, and Sir’s dog Noodles set off into the wide world, heading northward to Gardmore.

They encountered another Priory operative, by the name of Winston Edmund Iglesias Sullivan Simon, or Weiss. A well-traveled mage, Weiss rented the party a room and they stayed the night. While gathering materials, Stets was warned by one of the merchants of “strange happenings in the north”.

Setting out the next day, the party was attacked by an imp. Stets was clawed across the back as the beast soared into the sky above their heads. Flitting to and fro, the imp proved very difficult to strike. With another well-aimed strike, the imp clawed at Gauvillto’s face, a near fatal blow that was healed by Stets’ Cure Wounds spell. With one mighty blow, Gauvillto sent Sir’s enchanted sword flying through the body of the imp, dashing it to dust.

A few days passed, and the party found themselves at the foot of the Blackspine Mountains. A massive staircase led up the winding trails of the mountain, leading to an ancient temple at the roof of the mountain range. Stopping at the foot of the stairs, Gauvillto stumbled upon a magical implement, a staff of Pelor, used by priests to channel the god’s sun magic. Taking the staff from its resting place, he led the party up the stairs to the titanic doors of the Abbey. The doors wouldn’t budge via conventional means, but after further investigation by Stets, they realized they had to blast the door with the power of the sun to enter. Channeling Pelor through the staff, Gauvillto sent the doors flying open.

The diamond wasn’t there. They searched at the altar, all around the main church building, through the pews, but there was simply no sign of it. The main church had two doors, a left and a right door. The party took the left door first, finding themselves in a workshop of some kind. Holy sun symbols of Pelor dominated the back end of the room, and one had been knocked over, riddled with what looked like claw marks. To the left, a desk stood, the matching chair knocked over forcibly by something. An ink jar lay on the stone floor, and there was a black stain on the floor from when it had spilled hundreds of years ago. To the right of the room, a massive claw mark, left relatively recently. Next, they checked the other door.

The next chamber was an amphitheater, filled with the grisly remains of a massacre. Skeletons lay in varying stages of decay, still in their seats. One skeleton lay across two seats as if thrown across them, a mace lying discarded at its hands. As they investigated, Gauvillto was struck with a vision. At the time of the massacre, a priest had been giving a speech or lecture of some kind. The mace wielder, a paladin of Pelor, stood watch over them. Suddenly, there was a thud. A trembling roar echoed through the theater as a monster kicked through the doors, and everything went black.

Seemingly right on cue, a demonic monster crashed into the room. Thinking fast, Stets cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, sending the beast from a rage into uncontrollable laughter. Gauvillto launched balls of fire at the beast, sending Sir’s enchanted sword flying at the monster, carving at its chest. Weiss summoned a storm of sleet and ice, sending freezing pellets down onto the demon. As it burned and freezed to death, the demon continued to roar with laughter, an eerie terror hanging over the party as it fell forward, destroyed.

But the diamond was nowhere to be found. Where is the star diamond? And what are demons doing in the Abbey?


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