Deep within the Laetus Vale, there lived a group of elves known as the Wyntaari Tribe. Present long before the other races of Avaran, the Wyntaari, hidden away in their forest land, went untouched by the ravages of war, disease, and time. But things changed. Humans chanced upon the lands of the Wyntaari, and the elves were not happy with the incursion, whether it was intentional or not. Blood was shed for hundreds of years, until a human did the unthinkable. Stumbling upon an injured Wyntaari maiden in the heat of battle, he rescued her from what would have certainly have been her death. The man took her far away from the battlefield, and hid away with her in the trees. Surrounded by the natural magics of the forest, he healed her to perfect health, caring for her like one of his own. When she came to, they entered the world again together to see the Vale torn apart by warfare. Humans and elves alike were dying left and right. The time had come; things needed to change. Together, the unlikely duo set off to create peace between the two peoples. Together, they were living proof that humans and elves could benefit and prosper by working as one. Through their efforts, the war rolled to a close. The very first half-elves were born from the union of the man and the maiden, and all was at peace once again.

The time is 1000 A.W, a millenia after the end of the war. Humans peacefully settled within Laetus Vale, and the two races coexisted. Half-elves serve as ambassadors between the two races, and ferry goods in and around the woods of the Vale. You are one such half-elf. Learned in the ways of the forest, you and your fellow traders trek across miles and miles of dense woodland, navigating on instinct. Every day is a new adventure, but you wish to see the wide world outside the lining of the trees. Your chance comes when a mysterious event shakes the Vale, and the Wyntaari pick up their arms once again.

A hidden kingdom. A mighty foe. Three brave adventurers must answer the call.

The Traders from Laetus Vale

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