Greenwood is the town you’ve lived in all your life. This small village is home to most of the half-elves in the Vale. Centered around a bustling market town square, every citizen in Greenwood knows each other by name.

Some notable locations within Greenwood include:

The Escort Academy
Formed in response to growing threats around the Vale, the Escort Academy trains the best and brightest half-elves to become scouts for the many trade excursions that Greenwood merchants set out on. Courses such as Tracking, Navigation, Stealth, and Tactical Combat can be found here. A large mansion-like structure, the Escort Academy campus sprawls across the north end of Greenwood. Recently, a statue of Sir was erected in honor of his valiant sacrifice defending Gauvillto and Stets from certain doom.

The Mahjiks College
Half-elves who yearn to understand the ancient magics of the Wyntaari study at the Mahjiks College. A smaller, more modest campus, the Mahjiks College sits at the southern side of the town, and while its students are few, their magic is extremely potent. The Mahjiks College specializes in teaching evocation and abjuration magic.

The Weiss School of Journalism
Formed in the honor of the first Weiss, the Weiss School of Journalism has only been around for a couple of years. Here, young reporters are taught how to take notes even under the pressures of combat and disaster … and how to run away if their lives are in danger. Rest in peace, Weiss. You will be missed.

The Market Square
The Market Square is where most of the business in town occurs. A statue of the first half-elf resides in the center of the Square, hinting at Greenwood’s lush history. Stalls selling everything from rope to multicolored magical dust line the center of Greenwood, and citizens who are not big on taverns usually choose the Square as their social gathering spot.

The Tipsy Imp
The prevalent inn in Greenwood. Doubling as the most famous bar in town, The Tipsy Imp is always filled to bursting with townspeople, some sober and some totally stoned. The establishment is run by Barlam Meadeye, a burly half-elf who loves singing sea shanties during happy hour. If you’re ever looking to find anyone in town, this is generally the best place to look; most citizens of Greenwood visit at least once a day, if only to socialize.


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