The Triumvirate

The world outside of the Vale is a world besieged by darkness. Bane’s armies grow stronger and stronger by the day, and as the legions of Chernoggar continue their march upon Avaran, the question arose; how could the survivors fight back? Three visionaries rose from the masses, each with a strategy that could turn the tide of the war. However, as viable as each idea was, none of them could agree on an approach. And so the Triumvirate was formed; three separate organizations, each with their own doctrines, policies, and strategies, united in the battle against Bane.

The Crusade
“Even the darkest of foes will break under the thunder of our charge.”

The first among the visionaries was a dragonborn known as Bharash. During his military service under the dragonborn armies of Arkhosia, the warrior was exposed to the scorched earth tactics of the Arkhosian military. Nothing escaped the forward onslaught that was the dragonborn legion; Bharash saw the sheer power of this strategy and harnessed it into a force for good. With the sheer military force he held under his command, Bharash led the first pitched battle against Bane’s armies in defense of Arkhosia, earning him the title Siegebreaker. Due to their straightforward tactics and preference for direct combat, many outsiders believe the Crusade to be nothing but berserkers and brawlers. But that love for pitched warfare is tempered with a keen sense of battlefield strategy, and the members of the Crusade are also tactical prodigies. Adept at manipulating the battlefield, the Crusade’s propensity for innovative combat tactics have won them the day in many battles. Eventually, Bharash and the Crusade plan to march into the Nine Hells and evict Bane from his fortress Chernoggar.

The Silence
“Those who see us are never seen again.”

The second visionary was a human by the name of Shyv Swifteye. When her tribe was attacked by Bane’s armies, they were caught unawares and many innocents died. Thinking quickly and improvising, Shyv managed to gather up the survivors and flee into the surrounding countryside. There, she did the unthinkable; she transformed his tribe from traders and fishermen to masters of guerrilla tactics. Via advanced reconnaissance and hit-and-run combat, Shyv and her people were able to pick off the occupying forces one by one and eventually reclaim their homes. The Silence was formed by Swifteye in an attempt to replicate that success on the battlefield. They believe that if an enemy cannot see them, hear them, or sense them, they cannot fight back. Many confuse their skulking and stealthiness with cowardice. But there is a difference between cowardice and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike; patience is the forte of the Silence. The final plan: successfully infiltrate Chernoggar and bypass Bane’s defenses … then kill the Black Lord.

The Priory
“Knowledge is the key to all doors, and the death of all foes.”

The final visionary was regarded as somewhat of an oddity. Known as Fayn Spellsoul, the half-elf came across his own strategy purely by accident. Member of an archaeological team, Fayn was excavating an ancient temple when Bane’s armies began to ravage Avaran. When the call to abandon the site rang out, Fayn was so far underground that he didn’t hear it. Completely occupied with the dig, Fayn did not realize that he was alone, and that Bane’s legions were closing in on the temple. Suddenly he heard the trampling of feet and the clanking of weapons; he had nothing but his magic and his wits against an army. Stepping back to prepare for battle, his foot cracked against an old artifact on the ground. As Bane’s legion entered the room, the artifact began to glow brightly … and with a flash the army was dust. Soon after, Fayn Spellsoul founded the Mahjiks Academy and the Priory simultaneously, concealing the Priory within the school grounds. The Priory believes that knowledge of the past will bring victory in the future. The artifact that Fayn had discovered could not be the only one; there had to be more of these destroyers of evil, these “Banes of Bane”. Devoting much of their active resources to discovering these hidden Banes, the Priory’s web of knowledge spreads far and wide. Eventually the Priory will be able to channel the power of these artifacts to annihilate Bane himself, but that’s a long time coming.

The Triumvirate

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